Mission Statement

It is the prime objective of Culcita to satisfy the health, wealth and well-being of our customers and employees.

It is our aim at Culcita to ensure that the dynamic needs and expectations of our customers are not only met but also exceeded by the manufacturing, sourcing, delivering and after sales service of our high quality products.

Company Ethos

We address the needs of our customers in many different ways, such as

  • Company Ethos - Customer satisfaction through quality, design and personal service
  • Cost Efficiency - We can supply a vast array of products from value to high quality.
  • Design - No matter what shape, size or specification is required our design team will be here to work with our customer to best match their expectations.
  • Quality - Quality Control procedures are in place at all stages of the production process.
  • Traceability - In Business today, traceability is key, and here at Culcita we can trace everything we use back to its certified raw materials.
  • Packaging - For your convenience Culcita can provide many types of packaging from header cards to hanging bags, bar coding, customer logos and P.O.S displays